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June 2008
GE OEM Electrical Connection Newsletter
Welcome to the second issue of OEM Electrical Connection, created to keep you informed about new products and services that specifically focus on your needs. As many of you already know, we will be launching the new EntelliGuard® G Power Circuit Breaker in a few months. This new circuit breaker promises to address the needs of selectivity and arc flash safety without having to compromise one for the other. The next issue of OEM Electrical Connection will include more information, so keep a look out in September!

In this issue, we will feature three topics: our current line of IEC control devices, our market-leading Spectra RMS™ MCCB line and the recently published new versions of the BuyLog and the Control Catalog. Our catalogs are available as printed publications or via GE Smart Catalog - the smart way to keep your catalogs up to date.
IEC Control Devices
IEC Control Devices
Ideal for control panel builders, our C-2000 IEC control devices include a full range of components for integration into your control systems and panels:

Contactors up to 500HP
Mini-contactors with up to 50kAIC short circuit ratings
Miniature circuit breakers up to 63A and 10kAIC
Relays, motor starters and a full range of 22mm pilot devices and switches
Need to know more? Visit our web site for a full list of product information and technical documents.
Spectra RMS™ Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Spectra RMS™ Molded Case Circuit Breakers
Our Spectra RMS MCCB line is available in 4 frame sizes (SE150, SF250, SG600 and SK1200) with ratings up to 100kAIC at 480V. The key features of the line include:

Interchangeable rating plugs that have a unique accept/reject feature to prevent installation of an incompatible rating plug
A wide array of field installable accessories
A digital solid state RMS sensing trip system that enables application focused time-current characteristics

A brand new application guide has just been published to provide you all the technical information you will need. You can download the publication (GET-7002D) from our web site, or order it online.
GE Smart Catalog
GE Smart Catalog
Earlier this year we revised and re-printed our BuyLog and Control Catalog with all the latest products. The catalogs provide comprehensive data on all the products available from GE. Features, ratings, catalog numbers, list prices, dimensions, weights and more are available within both of these catalogs.
Want to Save a Tree?
The auto-updating version of both catalogs - called GE Smart Catalog - is the smart way to keep your catalogs up to date. Download the application from our web site at, and you'll get automatic updates when they become available.
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