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April 2009
GE OEM Electrical Connection Newsletter
Welcome to OEM Electrical Connection - a dedicated communication from GE for our OEM customers. The objective of OEM Electrical Connection is to keep you informed of our new product and service initiatives that specifically focus on your needs.

In this issue we highlight new drawings availabilities, a new control product rating, as well as training opportunities for our drives products.
Individual Breaker Drawings Now Available
Power Break™ IIDrawings for Power Break™ II, Record Plus®, Spectra RMS™, Thermal Magnetic, Mag-Break®, and Q-Line breakers are now available in individual file formats (.pdf and .dxf). PDFs are fully dimensioned for specifications and reference information. DXFs are full scale, and ready for insertion into your CAD package.

Drawings can be accessed through either the Product Information page at, or through the Technical Product Selection tool, eCatalog.
New Rating for C-2000™ Contactor
C-2000TM ContactorGE's C-2000™ IEC Line of Contactors offers a wide array of power devices, accessories, and enclosures to give you greater design versatility. C-2000™ components are loaded with features that make them easier to install, allow more flexible configurations, lower inventory requirements, and make better use of panel space.

In addition to 200V, 230V, 460V and 575V 3-phase ratings, the C-2000™ now offers a 208V 3-phase rating.
Training and Education for GE Drives Products
Training and Education for GE Drives ProductsAdvanced AF-6 Series Drives

This course covers instruction on the AF-6 Series ac variable frequency drives. The course material and exercises provide specific product information that detail AF-6

Series Drives product features, their areas of application, auxiliary equipment used in an installation, communications, and issues that have to be considered for successful operation.

GE also offers an AF-6 Series Drives Start-up and Troubleshooting class, as well as classes for a variety of other products and topics, through GE C&I Learning Central.
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