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The Specifier Special Edition August 2008
A View Inside the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

What an exciting time for all of us! The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games are approaching and will begin on August 8th, 2008. They will be aired across the United States by NBC and viewed by millions of people. Over the last few years the team and authors of the following articles have been involved in meetings, presentations, and designs to ensure successful venues and tributes to the athletes. We hope you find this edition of our newsletter to be both informative and interesting as it pertains to the view inside of the various products from Lighting, Electrical Distribution and Security solutions that our team in China helped to implement, install and support in preparation for the games.

We wish all of the athletes a great competition and can only hope that we bring home the Gold.

Thanks for reading and learning about the solutions provided by GE.


Lisa Bagwell

Paralleling Temporary Power At The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
Paralleling temporary electrical power generated within an independently owned facility and the utility power source is not permitted by the China national power bureau. Because of the unique importance of the Olympic Games and the critical need for continuous power to supply the central broadcasting facilities during these games, special approval was obtained to design and provide a system suitable for these needs, but only for the single building which was to serve as the central broadcasting center and known as the IBC (International Broadcasting Center). Following is a brief insight and overview of some of the considerations made in order to provide the high level of reliability needed to add the paralleling capability to this switchgear, and meet the demands required by the power bureau and other key entities involved.

Power Distribution Systems For The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
The design and construction of any significant commercial facility and its crucial utility systems is exacting and undergoes much scrutiny. Consider the added attention and requirements to which that structure may be subject if it were to act as a focal point for the pride of an emerging world power to be viewed and scrutinized by two thirds of the world's population. Interest in the phenomenon known as the Summer Olympic Games have grown such that TV viewership of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is expected at about 4 billion and actual visitors to the Beijing venues alone will likely exceed 2 million. Over 37 major arenas have been newly constructed simultaneously for these competition events, eleven existing sporting structures were extensively renovated and countless new ancillary facilities have strategically mushroomed up for housing and to best display the grandeur of this experience and its host country. Governmental expenditures are estimated at 40 billion U.S. dollars, not including the significant stakes taken by other interests including the IOC organization, the numerous international and national broadcaster organizations, advertisers, sponsors, owners and investors. To say that functionality, safety and reliability are important for these structures is an understatement.

Sports Lighting - Design Considerations For The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games
The largest of all the venues designed for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is the National Stadium, also known as the Bird's Nest. Huge and powerful in appearance, it is the setting of the 2008 Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, and represents the image of China for these games. Even so, it alone can only support less than 100,000 spectators. But, through the technology of TV broadcasting, this number can increase at least 40,000 times; more than four billon people are expected to watch the games. And the main influence on quality of the images they will see is dependent on the type and design of the lighting used. This is well understood by the IOC (International Olympic Games Committee) and the many broadcasting organizations involved, and is why their requirements are so detailed and specific about all aspects of the lighting and the results expected. This article will share insights into some of the special considerations taken to meet these needs.

Large Public Facility Video Surveillance System: China National Convention Center (CNCC), Beijing China
In the heart of the Beijing Olympic Green, the China National Convention Center (CNCC) is right next to the Bird's Nest (China National Stadium, site of for the Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies and many track and field competitions), the Water Cube (National Aquatics Center) and National Indoor Stadium. After the Olympic Games the CNCC complex will be reconfigured to consist of a Convention Center, CNCC Grand Hotel, InterContinental Hotel and two office buildings. The revised Convention Center alone will span 398m long, 148m wide, 42m high and include eight upper floors, two basements, and a shopping mall.

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