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Summer/Fall 2005  
Today's meters don't just count grandma's
kilowatt-hours anymore.

They can slice and dice your power utilization data so finely that tracking down power quality anomalies plaguing your sensitive electronic equipment, or keeping exorbitant energy expenditures under control, can be a piece of warm apple pie. In this issue we delve into power system metering and communication issues, such as: when to use which type of meter; why to avoid proprietary metering systems and what to do if you’ve already made that mistake; what ‘Utility Metering Accuracy’ really means; what is OPC and what should you know; a detailed overview of submetering systems for various applications; a guide on how to startup and activate electronic meters. Once again we’ve targeted the aspects of the subject most pertinent to the design/specifying engineer. Our objective is to be your technical resource. If you have any questions or suggestions don’t hesitate to e-mail us at the address below.

As always, our objective has been to provide you new insights into this most important subject.

—The Editor

Submetering — A Practical Approach

Every increase in the cost of a barrel of oil just magnifies the importance of conserving energy and you can’t accomplish that without tracking its use. More than ever, submetering is being applied in industrial as well as the traditional commercial and residential applications to encourage conservation and increase productivity. This article will describe what it is, why it’s important and how to effectively apply it.


OPC The “Enabling” Software

Today’s demands on software interfacing capabilities far exceeds anything imagined when the market began supporting Windows’ dynamic data exchange (DDE) programming interface for communication with devices. This paper will provide an insight into these developments and describe the new king on the block, OPC.


Electronic Power Meters — Guide For Their Selection and Specification

Electronic power meters vary widely in features and this range of features determines the price level of the meter. The purpose of this article is to help the reader select the right meter from the vast number of choices for their customers, matching the function and need of the meter with the value to the customer.


Unlocking the Proprietary Mess

Who would possibly invest in equipment that restricts all their future purchases to that same initial manufacturer? Well, it happens every day and it could easily happen to you. The ability for equipment to communicate is so prevalent today most specifiers feel confident in specking it. But how does it communicate and what will understand it? Unless you are aware of the pitfalls, you could tumble in. And if you already have, this article will help you dig out.


Insights Into Starting-up Electronic Meters

Use of electronic meters is widespread today for many good reasons, but few users realize these meters should undergo a startup process. Here are some insights from a field engineer’s perspective as to what may be needed in order to have a successful installation.


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