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empower: A Simpler, Smarter, Faster Customer Experience

empower: A Simpler, Smarter, Faster Customer Experience

May 2, 2016
This week, we’re excited to celebrate the first launch milestone of our completely new digital customer experience with the GE empower platform. Designed in close collaboration with our customers, this digital gateway will offer a simpler, smarter, faster way into GE anytime, from anywhere. 
Our initial launch provides customers immediate access to improved order tracking and account management. The platform will be available in seven languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Turkish, Italian and Portuguese.
Throughout 2016, we’ll be rolling out additional functionality in phases, turning empower into a one-stop shop for the real-time information and capabilities customers need most, including:
• Product Information
• Pricing
• Product Availability
• Quoting
• Custom-Branded Proposal Writing
• Product Configuration
• Ordering 
• Order Tracking 
• Post-Sales Support  
For more details, check out our empower brochure and video. Going forward, we’ll continue to share details on our empower development progress and the launches scheduled throughout 2016.
Feel free to start sharing this great investment with your customers today. To help drive awareness, a launch communication will be sent out later this week to North America, Latin America and European customers who are using our existing EliteNet and PowerShop tools. We’ll also be promoting empower through banner ads on EliteNet and PowerShop. We’ll expand communications to targeted customers in Asia in January.
Please feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.
Rachel Dorman
Digital Marketing Leader
Industrial Solutions